France is in the Air

Air France
France is in the Air

Air France has always opted for a premium positioning, but in recent years it had lost its leadership in the marketplace. The French airline was perceived as aging and no longer matching the standard of what other premium airlines are offering.

To reclaim its leadership, Air France had no choice but to set up a huge investment program to improve its products and services. And to truly compete with the other premium airlines, it had to find other ways to differentiate itself and create value.

“France Is in the Air” is not just about advertising, it’s a business idea that has been deployed at all touch points, transforming AirFrance into a cultural brand.

The creative expression of the campaign ranged from traditional media to e-commerce website and mobile app. BETC Paris also created engaging brand content to generate conversation on social networks and went as far as revamping the safety instructions demonstration video and organizing “France Is in the Air” exhibitions in New York, Shanghai and Paris. All these initiatives helped create a strong and unique territory for the brand.

This strategy didn’t transform the Air France communication platform alone; the entire airline strategy is now driven by “France Is in the Air.” Air France uses it as a filter to design its new products and services and to enrich its experiences at every touch point. The campaign had a huge impact on sales, with a 10% increase in the U.S, 16.3% increase in Japan, and 23% increase in China.

The “France Is in the Air” campaign was a finalist in the 2015 CBI Awards.

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