Citroën - Seetroen


Citroën is historically the automotive brand that brings the most innovative comfort to its cars with examples such as the hydraulic suspensions of the Citroën DS in 1955 or the hydrous suspension of the Citroën XM in 1989. But an asset of the brand that has declined over the years.

However, with the acceleration in our pace of life, and the impression of constantly feeling rushed, comfort is becoming an important need for everyone. That’s why Citroën wants to revive its heritage with new innovations in 2018 such as the progressive hydraulic suspension suspensions of the Citroën C4 Cactus or the Advanced Comfort seats of the SUV Citroën C5 Aircross.

The ambition is to become once again the reference in automotive brands for comfort. To accelerate this change of perception, the brand is willing to explore the concept of comfort in the broader sense.

Whether in technological innovations or in automotive brand advertising, the focus is only on the feelings of the driver, and never the passengers. Yet most cars have five seats and a third of the people on board, often children suffer from motion sickness. Yet no on-board technology deals with this issue, and although hundreds of home remedies are available, no real solution seems to exist. But for Citroën, impossible is not French! Being an original and innovative brand Citroën invented Seetroën, the first glasses that prevent motion sickness, using the Technology Boarding Ring ™, designed by Citroën with a fresh and original touch.


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