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Inclusion Profiles

In Argentina, less than 10 percent of grown-ups with Down syndrome have a job. And out of the 6 million Argentinians on LinkedIn, none have Down Syndrome.

As we know, LinkedIn is THE social network for business and employment and when we discovered that there are no profiles of people with Down Syndrome in our platform in Argentina, not even from those who are currently working, we knew we had to something.

This is how we came up with the idea of “Inclusion Profiles.” We trained people already working to create their own profiles. And instead of asking for recommendations, they decided to give their own, telling us about their experience and how important it is for them, and for society, to be part of the workforce.

We divided the campaign into two stages. One centered on awareness and the other focused on education. For the education stage we invited 12 adults to a training, where we explained to them how to use the platform and how to interact with it. We helped them create their own profiles, making the 12 first LinkedIn profiles of people with Down Syndrome.

For the awareness stage we took three of the profiles and we created short videos telling their stories that we published on LinkedIn.

The results came immediately:

+54MM impressions

+7MM earned

The news was covered by National, Regional and International Media such as: Univisión, CNN, La Nación, TV Pública, C5n, Clarín, Tiempo Argentina and other.

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