Monoprix - Humanity’s First Queue

Humanity’s First Queue

Nobody likes standing in line. It’s what’s left of our reptilian brain, that animal instinct that long ago impelled our ancestors to always serve themselves first in order to survive. The first queue jumper was clearly born at the same time as the first queue and to achieve their goal, they needed a brain that was more creative and craftier than their fellow humans’. This primal ingenuity, totally devoid of scruples, is recreated in this film and reflects what happens in queues every day still today – we have to put up with queue jumpers, or we possibly even are queue jumpers ourselves. So when Monoprix created an application that enables their customers to scan and pay for their purchases directly with their smartphones, without having to queue up at the checkout, they weren’t just putting an end to hours of queuing, but also to thousands of years of moral turpitude.

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