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Without a Ramp, a Sidewalk is a Wall

For people in wheelchairs, a sidewalk without an access ramp is a wall. According to the latest census, only 9% of sidewalks in São Paulo have access ramps. The city is also known as one of the capitals of graffiti art in the world. So, we raised awareness of the lack of accessibility by inviting artists to do graffiti art on sidewalk curbs – the walls that only wheelchair users see. We took photos of the paintings and created an Instagram gallery to show them. Then, we invited people in general to paint sidewalk curbs that needed a ramp and mapped them for a future ramp installation. With zero media investment, we reached Brazil’s major TV stations, the most famous newspapers, and news websites, and even got support from the congress. In less than two weeks, the city hall started turning graffitis into ramps.

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