The Palau Legacy Project
Palau Pledge


The current model of global mass tourism is unstable, destroying the environment and undermining cultural identities. Fragile, vulnerable places such as Palau – the 13th smallest nation in the world – face ecological devastation as visitor numbers skyrocket. The Palau Legacy Project approached us to help them develop a behavior change solution to protect this precious, pristine island, where tourists outnumber the population eight to one and don’t realize their collective negative impact.


In a world-first immigration policy precedent, all visitors entering Palau have to make a personal promise to the children of Palau to preserve their beautiful home, by signing an eco-pledge stamped in their passport.

Through an initiative designed to create a meaningful connection with individual tourists, while tapping into their power to affect real change at a cumulative level, we activated social pressure to ‘do the right thing’ and behave in an environmentally responsible way whilst visiting some of the most beautiful places on earth.

This truly pioneering ongoing project goes far beyond communications, was crafted by the children of Palau, and changed Palauan immigration policy, landing procedure and even customs processes to make every tourist a catalyst for change.

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